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What has happened in FESIO during academic year 2023-2024?

Fesio project has had lots of activities during the academic year 2023-2024. Here is a short summary of VAMK´s  main activities  in the Fesio project.  4 different training and discussion sessions were organized during the spring 2024 and the main target group was the teachers from Vamk and Novia.


The first training session was organized as a joint effort between XAMK, VAMK and LAB UAS and it was related to virtual powerplants. It was organized as a webinar 4.3. 2024. There were 77 participants in this webinar which was about energy communities and virtual power plants. A demo was presented  by city of Lappeenranta which is using  the VIBECO virtual powerplant service provided by Siemens. Also another virtual powerplant EMS system was  being presented (the Fusebox system). The trainers in this session were VAMK´s Fesio researcher  Mr M. Pieskä, KSS Energia´s representative, Lappeenranta city´s  technical expert and CEO of Fusebox  Mr T.Öng.


The second session was at 19th March 2024 at 2 – 3 pm and it was a discussion event about stationery and EV Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) environment investment into TB laboratory. Venue was meeting room TF4103 in TB. Several Fesio project researchers and TB laboratory staff attended this meeting.


The third session at 9.4.2024 was a discussion and training session about the electricity and reserve markets and the activities of a Balance Responsibility Party (BRP). In this session it  was discussed how the electricity consumption and production estimates are being made and how the operations in the electricity markets (Nordpool) and capacity markets (Fingrid) are  being mastered. This training was provided by EPV energy and it was taking place at  Alere.


The fourth training was conducted at 4th, 11th and 18th April at 14:30-16 and it was a training about the Homer Energy software. The training was organized at VAMK`s main building A3007 Wolffintie 30.  The trainer was  VAMK´s Fesio  project researcher   Dr Ghodrat Moghadampour.


Other important activities  related to Fesio project during  the academic year 2023-2024 were the following:


The Vehicle to Grid compatible electric snowmobile (from Aurora Powertrains Ltd.) arrived at Technobothnia 20.5.2024 , and the equipment supplier will provide the teachers  with training on how to utilize it in electrical engineering education.

Decisions were also made related to the Technobothnia BESS battery storage system. One of Fesio's main goals is  to acquire and build a BESS battery storage system for Technobothnia, and there has been  discussions with a Chinese equipment manufacturer about this. However, the Fesio experts  concluded that this option was somewhat risky and it was decided to build the BESS system by ourselves using quality components (Victron, etc.).

VAMK´s Fesio project researchers also attended several meetings with stakeholders such as a meeting related to inertia and grid forming inverter (GFM) with Fingrid, SDU, Turku Amk and Danfoss. Also a hydrogen lecture was being held for Danfoss RDI division. One Fesio  researcher participated in an electrolyzer conference in Dusseldorf  4-7.3. 2024 and another researcher  attended the seminar of Energia-ala at 30.1.2024 in Finland. Fesio wind power expert Mr T. Lustila attended Merituulivoiman vuorovaikutusfoorumi in Vaasa 31.10.2023. Several Fesio researchers also participated in Vaasa Energy week in March 2024. Several new project applications were also finalized during the spring (V2b/BSR, CO2 and e-methanol).


The whole  Fesio consortium (VAMK and Novia)  had 2 joint  workshops during the academic year, one  taking place  in August 17.8.2023 and another in January 18.1.2024.  Both parties presented their progress in the Fesio project to each other.  Also smaller team meetings were organized during the academic year by  both parties.


Fesio researchers were also very active in publishing articles.  Several  articles were published  in VAMK´s Energiaa magazine and one edited BESS publication was also finalized. These articles are reviewed separately in other blog posts.

Text written by Principal lecturer Lotta Saarikoski, VAMK`s Fesio project worker

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