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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the Energy System Optimiztion - forthcoming

Fesio researcher Dr Ossi Koskinen has edited a forthcoming publication  named “Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the Energy System Optimiztion”. This publication will be available online in autumn 2024.   


The publication  consists of four articles. The first article  is written by the former Fesio researcher, Dr Juho Heiska, who has written an comprehensive overview of the future large-scale BESS technology  named “The Future of Energy Storage: Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)”.


The second article is written by VAMKs present  Fesio researcher, Dr Adebayo Agbejule, and in his first article he presents the capacity and reserve markets in Finland in the article named  “A review of reserve and balancing electricity markets in Finland” , and his second article “Exploring a business model for battery energy storage for reserve markets in the Finnish electricity market “ explores the business opportunities with large-scale BESS.


The fourth article in this publication  is written by VAMKs present  Fesio researcher Dr Joel Sangok, and he discusses an overview of the existing battery chemistry of commercial large-scale batteries in the article named “Market overview of Large BESS battery chemistry”.


The foreword of the publication is written by Dr Ossi Koskinen.  We will write a comprehensive summary of all the articles into this blog  after the publication is available online.


Text:  Principal  lecturer Lotta Saarikoski

Fesio project worker




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