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Visit to Olkiluoto to see the new BESS constructed for Olkiluoto 3

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The Fesio researchers and some other experts from the Fesio ecosystem got the opportunity to visit Olkiluoto nuclear power plants and the BESS which was built for the new Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant and to hear about the first experiences after commercial operation for appr. 3 weeks.

Figure 1. The general view of Olkiluoto 2 and 3 from the visitors`centre.

The presentation of the brand new nuclear reactor, biggest in the world for time being with 1600 MW nett electrical capacity, was indeed very interesting. We where a group of more than 20 experts from the universities of applied sciences in Vaasa and other educational institutions that participated and learned more about nuclear power reactors and their processes, production, materials, chemicals, and especially energy storage. More information about Olkiluoto 3 is found at

We got a very good overview of the whole nuclear power plant process and especially of the new BESS which we even had the possibility to visit. Unfortunately no photos from the equipment and buildings were allowed at the site itself. In the figure 2 we can see the front side of one of the 6 BESS buildings located close to the new power plant.

Figure 2. Fesio`s visitor group in front of the BESS building.

We thank Dr Juho Heiska for organizing the great visit and our hosts from TVO at Olkiluoto for giving us lots of valuable information and a very informative visit to the actual BESS system. We can also recommend anybody interested in nuclear power and nuclear waste management to visit the visitors`centre at Olkiluoto. In the figure 3 below one can see how the nuclear waste will be encapsulated before installing it underground into the Onkalo nuclear waste storage.

Figure 3. The capsules for the nuclear waste.

Text and photos Lotta Saarikoski

Principal lecturer at VAMK, Fesio project worker

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