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FESIO visitted Groeningen

We had the opportunity to visit Groeningen in Holland 10.-13.10.2023 and join the seminar Wind meets Gas.

Before the seminar started we got the opportunity to visit the harbor where all the service ships starts from and come back to in connection with the offshore wind turbine farms that are located outside Groeningen.

These service ships are rather big.

We got an impressive guided tour at Hanze Universität including welcome speech kept by New Energy Coalition CEO Mrs. Marieke Abbink-Pellebarg and EnTranCe CEO Mr. Jan Jaap-Aué. After the welcome speeches we where guided through the part of the Hanze Universität laboratories, especially the Hydrogen part, indeed interesting.

Above picture of hydrogen storage for laboratory usage.

There is already use cases of hydrogen driven vehicles in the town of Groeningen.

Above picture of a hydrogen driven bus.

The seminar itself was kept in the beautiful Martini church, see picture below:

In the church among others KIWA presented a demo of a laboratory experience explaining the difference between natural gas and hydrogen. Indeed very interesting.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about Wind meets Gas and especially hydrogen in Groeningen.

Great arrangements, presentations and talks during those days.

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