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FESIO participated in Wasa Future Festival 2023

Once again the organizers behind Wasa Future Festival has created an amazing program with interesting presentations and participants interacting in the discussions kept between 7-11.8.2023.

Great presentations was kept during all 5 days. On Monday focus was on Circular Economy. The need of more resources was discussed during Tuesday in the theme International Day. Wednesday handled among other things about the Veturi projects in the region. Also Kvarken Space Center and EnergySAMPO, energy sources and storage possibilities where on the agenda. Thursday program included interesting introduction by Risto Linturi about new technology especially artificial intelligence and continued with presentations and interesting discussion about innovative business driven development of new technologies. Friday brought about among other things seminars about cooperation in development of energy system and networks in Nordic countries and electric aviation. How to improve and develop cooperation and co-creation in practice? What is the status of electric aviation development?

For more information about the program please see

For more information about the presentations at Wasa Future Festival if You missed something, please see the youtube channel:

Especially Risto Linturis presentation starts approximately 13 minutes in the YouTubevideo link below:

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