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FESIO participated in BotH2nia goes Luleå event

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Why BotH2nia goes Luleå? Well, Luleå is the center of hydrogen energy systems in Sweden also known as CH2ESS. Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU) or Luleå University of Technology has a long background in research adn development regarding hydrogen. And we where warmly invited to the beautiful city of Luleå in the mid of the winter, with a lot of snow outside, for a great seminar and good workshops during two days.

National Hydrogen network, BotH2nia is a project, organisation and cooperation over Gulf of Bothnia where organisations, companies and universities interested in hydrogen and decarbonisation meets, presents, discuss and develop knowledge about hydrogen and decarbonisation, knowledge about companies in hydrogen business, shares information about on-going projects and create added value by open information sharing.


“There is huge joint venture development on-going regarding decarbonisation of steel industry with hydrogen. Sweden with SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall”

There is an accelerated customer demand for fossil-free products in the world, especially in Europe.

Prooven technology

In 21 st of June 2021 Hybrit became a succesful trial of 100% H2-based production of fossile-free sponge iron. This means in practice that SSAB according to presentation can eliminate CO2 emissions 15 years earlier than previous longterm ambition planned which was by 2045. So now new plan is around 2030.

Mitigate climate change

Major contribution to climate targets in Sweden and Finland for SSAB is approximately 8 billion tonnes reduced CO2 emissions per year.

“Many thanks to LTU, Luleå University of Technology, Dr Cecilia Wallmark and her team for arranging this excellent seminar and program including all practical arrangements for the group of 120 guests. Well done. It was indeed two interesting days getting the opportunity to visit Your university. Many thanks for the hospitality.”

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