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FESIO participated in the Nordic Energy-seminar 30.01.2023

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The Nordic energyseminar was arranged by arranged by FIN-SVE commerce chamber, NO-FI commerce association and VASEK at Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa Finland.

Interesting presentations was given during the afternoon. More than 200 persons participated in the seminar.

“A bIg hand to the companies that arranged this seminar. You got collected interesting great speakers with excellent presentation about hot topics regarding energy sector for time being.”

Anna Måtts-Fransén from VASEK acted as moderator for the seminar. Kjell Skoglund CEO from SVE-FIN commerce chamber opened the seminar. Sture Udd CEO and owner of UPC Center and Wasa Innovation Center (WIC) kept very clear and informative presentation of the value creation from the region. By the way WIC is great place for this type of events. Tomas Häyry Major of Vaasa City continued to present the latest information about GigaVaasa. The drivers for the project, the Energy Concept and the Sustainable service that already are available will be of importance when the decision makers makes their factory investment decision to our GigaVaasa area.

Investments and development

The seminar consisted of several interesting speaches during the afternoon. Elina Kivioja CEO Vattenfall FInland gave an interesing presentation about the company, their activities regarding Hydrogen in Hybrit project up in northern Sweden and their actual offshore windpark investment plans to be build outside Korsnäs in Finland.

Kenneth Widell, Senior Project Manager STH, Wärtsilä Finland presented decarbonisation plans regarding the Marine and Energy sector. The presentation included strategy and outlook 30 years forward to reach carbon neutral fuels and perhaps even zero carbon fuels. at the same time this green transition of fuels on the user side, sets pressure on the production side regarding green fuels to be able to deliver enough green fuel much in time in the future. There are products already in the product portfolio that runs on either: ammonia, methanol, Dual-Fuels like LNG, biogas, diesel etc.

After Freyrs presentation was given regarding their company and their business in battery manufacturing. It was interesting to hear Freyr presenting live their activities.

Kvarken Ports Tommi Tuominen Development Director followed with his presentation about what has ahppened the last years in our harbor and also informed about what is going to happen in the near future. Cargio growth 2022 was 39%. Passenger growth was 139%. Try to beat that.

Kenneth Jansson Brand Manager at VASEK gave an interesitng presentation about the development of the energy cluster in the region including cooperation, way of working and on-going projects among other things incoming EnergyWeek 2023 between 20.-24. March 2023.

Sabina Storbacka Program Director at Merinova continued presenting informatino about the strength and knowledge in the region regarding energy technology and business. Some projects mentioned e.g. EnergySampo, H-Flex-E, GigaVaasa, Energyspin and last but not least EnergyAcademy,

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